Clique Solutions Ltd was established on 5th January 2016 under the Companies ACT 2015 due to the Shortage of experienced IT Professionals and clients getting the right product they order for. The Directors of the Company have vast experience in various fields namely Felix Ondiege 30 years’ experience in Mechanical Engineering / Production, Churchill Kola with 7 years’ experience in ICT and Programming and Wendy Odipo with experience in Administration. We have Nelly Night as the Sales

/Secretary and Joel Baya as the Service person

Due to vast experience level in various fields. The Company has since grown and ventured in other areas of General Supplies. With the Hard work of the Directors, the future looks bright for the Company.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Be the Leading Telecommunications General Supplies Company in The Country that

solve’s Client’s needs.

Our Commitment

We are committed to reliability in all that we do. Our Continuous communication with our Customers allows us to adapt and grow with their requirements.

Our goals

At Clique Solutions Limited we develop standards and set goals that help contribute to our success and your satisfaction. These are the goals that we have set for ourselves:

·     Our goal is to be available for our customers when they need us.

·     To continually enhance our services with a knowledgeable and friendly support staff.

·     To create a trouble-free experience for our customers.

Our goal is success.  And success for Clique Solutions Limited means listening to our customers, understanding their needs and then working to find solutions that satisfy these needs.

Our Core Values

·      Honesty and Integrity

·      Professionalism and Teamwork

·      Consistency

·      Commitment

·      Persistence

Our Services

At Clique Solutions Limited we specialize in Domain Name Hosting, Website Design, Data Recovery, Internet Installations for Residential and SME, Software Programming, Computer Supplies and Accessories, Cyber security, Bulk SMS’s, Graphic Design, Offset Printing and General Supplies.

IT Support Service

As the leading IT services and solutions provider in Kenya, Clique Solutions Limited has firmly entrenched itself as a top player in the IT managed services industry. Our domain expertise and innovative approach have enabled us to provide IT-business integrated solutions for various clientele. As the single point of contact and accountability, Clique Solutions Limited is able to reduce total cost of ownership and simplify delivery of your IT services.

Service Portfolio

·     IT Helpdesk

·     On-site Support

·     IT Infrastructure Management Service, including application, server, network and communication

Why Clique Solutions Limited Services?

·       Customer Satisfaction: We believe that end-users are more than just users, they are customers as well.

·     Flexibility: We provide flexible and customized solutions to satisfy a wide range of customer needs

       ·     Quality: Continuous quality improvement by focusing on SLAs.

Organizational Chart